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From its foundation in 2006, promoting maritime safety has been the core commitment of the Iranian Classification Society (ICS).

We have been received Iranian flag administration which is called Islamic Republic of Iran Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) accreditation on classification services to Iranian fleet on 2007.

ICS has been promoting safe shipping and clean oceans by continually developing technology and human resources pertaining to shipping, shipbuilding and other industrial services.

Today, we strive to be the most efficient provider of marine and offshore classification services. We are achieving that goal through the innovative thinking, enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff.

At ICS, setting standards of excellence in marine and offshore classification is more than a motto - it is the way we conduct business.

Development & Implementation Of Rules & Regulation, Classification, Statutory & Marine Surveys, Audit, and Consultancy Engineering Training Services Related To Designs, Instruction Operation Of Ship, Offshore Installations and Other Marine Industrial Services.

  Key Services.

  • Classification and Statutory, Survey and Certification Services
    • Classification and statutory supervision of new construction
      • Appraisal & Approval of design including plans and calculations (Plan Approval)
      • Monitoring and testing during construction (Construction Supervision – FAT)
      • In water Final tests (HAT, SAT)
      • Admission to class and Initial statutory surveys after completion
      • Certification
    • Classification and statutory survey and certification of fleet in service.
      • Admission to class and initial statutory surveys
      • Transfer of class surveys(class and statutory)
      • Change of flag surveys(class and statutory)
      • Periodical class and statutory surveys(Annual, Intermediate, in water or in dry dock, Bottom survey, special, Renewal)
      • Rebuilt, Alteration, Repair and Maintenance surveys
    • Admission to class/ Annual/ Intermediate/ Dry Dock/ … including surveys:
      • Admission to class including initial surveys of HULL, Machinery, Equipment, …
      • Initial statutory surveys includes all initial surveys according applicable international conventions, codes, Resolutions,… and Flag administration requirements such as:
        • Conventions:
          • SOLAS 1974 (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as modified by the protocol of 1988 relating thereto)
          • ICLL 1966 (International Convention on Load Lines, 1966)
          • Tonnage 1969 (International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969)
          • MARPOL 1973 (International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto)
          • AFS 2001 (International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships, 2001)
          • COLREG (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, as amended)
          • ILO (International Labor Organization Conventions)
          • MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006)
          • CSC (International Convention For Safe Containers, 1972)
        • Codes:
          • LSA Code. (International Life-Saving Appliance Code)
          • FFS Code.(International Code for Fire Safety Systems)
          • IS Code. (International Code on Intact Stability)
          • NOx Code. (Technical Code on Control of Emission of Nitrogen Oxides from Marine Diesel Engines)
          • HSC Code.(International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft)
          • MODU Code.(Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Code, 1989)
          • IMSBC Code.. (Code of safe practice for solid bulk cargoes or International Maritime Solid Bulk dangerous)
          • SNCV Code. (Safety of Non Conventional Vessels Code)
  • Marine Surveys
    • Towage Survey
    • Container Survey & Inspection
    • port Equipment Safety Surveys
    • Salvage
    • Condition Survey and Evaluation
    • Banking and insurance surveys
    • Miscellaneous inspection and evacuation
  • Raw/Materials & Equipment Certification & Industrial Services
    • Approval of Firms and Service Provider
    • Approval of producer of materials and equipment
    • Approval of Products
    • Preparation, reviewing, purchasing engineering documents control for materials and equipment
    • Welder qualification test
    • Workshop Approval
    • Supervision on fulfillment of repairs on different port and marine structure
    • Supervision during fabrication process
    • Investor's supervision of steel structures
    • Supervision of gas transfer pipelines, power engineering and municipal media and their equipment
    • Supervision of hydro technical objects (locks, breakwaters, platforms)
  • Management Systems (Implementation & Certification)
    • ISM Code - Certification (DOC, SMC)
    • ISPS Code (ISSC, SSP Approval)
    • ISO Management Standards
  • Technical Services
    • Plan Appraisal And Approval
    • Rule Development
    • Statuary Calculation (GT/NT Calculation, Freeboard Calculation, …)
    • Statuary Document Appraisal (Stability Booklet, SOPEP Manual, Garbage Booklet, Cargo Securing Manual And …)
    • Design And Technical Support
    • Feasibility And Outline Specifications Studies
    • Technical Support For Marine Design Software
    • Technical Consulting Services
    • Direct Assessment of Strength(Structure And Machinery)
    • Risk Assessment of Ship (Structure And Machinery )
    • Strength & Fatigue Analysis
    • Noise & Vibration Analysis
    • Fluid Dynamics Analysis
    • Consulting Services of Standardization Of Design And Construction
    • etc...
  • Training Services Presentable

    Successful companies make training a strategic priority. Our training courses can help you getting success in your business and training is regarded as mentioned strategy.

    This division mainly is established to increase the knowledge of our staff and surveyors to achieve the highest levels of experience and skills.

    In this way, ICS can design and present professional and non-professional training courses including theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, focusing on customers goals.

    You can trust ICS knowledge and experiences as your training and R&D partner please contact ICS for making a reputable Qualification & Development.

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