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   Introduction:  top

Legal and traditional role of classification society, as an autonomous entity, reference is exerting audits, surveys, and approval of marine materials and equipment, and it has been recognized the only solution at the presence of marine industries suppliers, with quality and consistent manner, which remains with classification societies.

One of the most important goals of this society is providing survey and classification services to the owners, industrial entities and producers in the concurrent with economy of time and quality, and utility of services at low cost in comparison with international classification societies while all society’s approved rules and regulations are in conformity with IACS mandates.

  Type/ Batch approval:  top
  When a producing company apart from its own management system for a type of its products or a batch of it products requiring approval or builder of a vessel requesting approval of a particular item to be fitted on its vessel, type test approval can be issued.

The trend and general stage of obtaining the type approval of a particular product and report on test on batch of products are as follows:
  • 1) Receiving necessary documents, from producer.
  • 2) Review and examination of all received documents.
  • 3) Visit and control of products.
  • 4) Selection of a produced item and carry out the necessary tests on the basis of relevant standards.
  • 5) Review the conclusion of the process and issue the certificate of type approval on confirmation of tests.

Documents need for application of type/ batch approval:
  • 1) Compiling of application form.
  • 2) Standard used for producing and testing process of such products.
  • 3) Company’s proformation in the context of production of the same items.
  • 4) Documents, calculation and drawings pertinent to product.
  • 5) Fabrication process of product and relevant flow chart.
  • 6) Report on tests carried out by producer.
  • 7) Provision of operation, maintenance and repairs manual pertinent to the product.
  Type approval:  top

This type approval needed when, a producer requiring approval for one or more different products produced in its premises, continuously by receiving this approval, all producing lines to produce unlimited number being confirmed.

  Service providers:  top
  When companies and service providers to marine industries requiring to obtain ability certification on provision of all or some sort of services, service provider certificate may be issued.

Trend of execution:
  • Review of document and drawings related to establishing quality management system
  • Auditing of the company
  • Occasional provision of services
  • Review of the documents and issue of certificate
  • Periodical auditing, endorsement and extension of the certificates

General required documents:
  • 1- Compilation of application form
  • 2- Specification of company, organizational chart, management structure, way of launching quality management within its organization.
  • 3- Review the result and issue of type approval certificate in case of society confirmation.
  • 4- Coordination, and provision of plan for inspection for auditing periodical test on product to maintain validity of the certificate.
  • 5- Compile of application form/li>
  • 6- Document, technical drawings, plan, operator instruction, maintenance, repairs manuals
  • 7- Documents related to company structure, including organization charts, management scheme
  • 9- List of company personnel, comprising of names, training passed by them, certificate & relevant service recor
  • 10- List of equipment deployed in process of producing including makers, calibration records associated with calibration certificate
  • 11- List of representations, company affiliated offices and branches (if applicable)
  • 12- Standards employed for design and production
  • 13- Any certification obtained by other relevant administration
  • 14- Quality system documents are as follows:
    • Quality system
    • Instructions and quality control forms including:
      • Instruction on internal organization periodical quality audit
      • Instruction on document control
      • Instruction on record of events and functioning reports
      • Instruction on service providers (if any)
      • Instruction and forms on reporting to company quality control system
      • Instruction on training and competency of personnel
      • Record of clients comments and actions taken place
  Welders qualification:  top
  For approving the competency of welders, the following measures shall put into effect.:

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  Workshop approval:  top
  Based on routine, Rules & Regulations of classification societies & also Ports & Maritime Organization procedures, all companies which are involved in rendering services to the vessels & marine institutes that are under class of classification societies shall be approved by these societies.
A-steel vessel workshop approval: The trend of approval by Iranian Classification Society is as follows:
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