Iranian classification society


Protecting the EnvironmenDue to the universality of protecting the environment, the main issue on article 50 of our national constitution, according to national and international environment protection laws and in order to enhance oversight and inspection of operations and processes more likely to cause pollution to the environment, Iranian Classification Society has created an Environment protection taskforce with emphasis on cooperation with responsible organizations and presents inspection, audit, assessment educational and research services. Iranian Classification Society (ICS) Environment Protecfion Committee Objectives :

  • Creating proper infrastructure for research and formulation of environmental standards so as to revolutionize the science and technology for countering pollutions in marine environment
  • Promoting the level of implementation of rules and standards and oversight on complying with conventions and national/international laws in marine domain
  • Utilizing ICS capabilities in directions listed below complying with national environmental protection initiatives:
    • Performing research and compiling necessary environmental standards and laws
    • Composing national rules and regulation requiring compliance with international conventions, rules and regulations
    • Designing various instruction sets for audit, assessment, inspection and monitoring
    • Designing various checklists and compliance certificates
    • Assessment, audit, monitoring and inspection of marine and port equipment, facilities, and operations (offshore/onshore)
    • Promoting and educating environmental protection culture and science and compliance with requirements
    • Correlation with other organizations and responsible apparatus for coherent achievement of goals and environmental plans
    • Cooperation in design inspection and monitoring plans for ship recycling
    • Evaluation and accepting plans and methods for marine salvage operations and compiling reports during and after the operations
    • Commencement of educational seminars and conferences with the goal of technology transfer and increasing environment protection knowledge and technology and reducing pollution caused by marine operations
    • Presenting inspection and assessment services at ports and sea and compiling insurance reports, pollution scale determination, risk assessment, damage assessment, etc
    • Correlation and cooperation for reducing pollution caused by fishing operation by creating necessary rules and regulations, inspection and assessments
    • Issuing confirmations and voluntary environmental protection compliance certificates

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