Iranian classification society

According to industry needs and strict Premium presence of ICS in the standardization field of industry, offshore installation and operation, port facilities, Industrial survey directorate provides the following services to ICS customers to promoting safety, quality and environmental level:

Industrial Inspection Department

This department is responsible for approval of marine industries products consisting of material, equipment and machinery, marine industries services (such as welder qualification certification, approval of Industrial producer and supplier, construction and repairing workshops, and etc

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Marine Inspection and Port Equipment Department

This department activity consists of four sections:

  • Towing and safe loading and securing inspection . This unit is responsible for loading and arranging loads approval (even special loads of Non-standard sizes); loading out inspection, approval and Marine Warranty Survey Certificates, towing inspection, approval and certification;and marine operation inspection and approval.
  • Containers and container terminals inspection This unit is responsible for consultation and audit in approved continuous examination program (ACEP), container initial inspection before loading, monitoring of loading and unloading of container ships, inspection during construction of containers and periodic inspection and approval of containers.
  • Port equipment inspection This unit is responsible for safety and technical inspection of equipment, construction and preparing technical report, and inspecting of lifting equipment, road construction, marine and port facilities
  • Implementation of quality management system This unit is responsible for Planning, consultation, training, audit and certification for management and quality control system based on ISO 9001:2008.
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On-Off shore Installation Inspection Department

this department is in charge of supervision of projects of offshore installation, equipment and Performing of quality monitoring system; Lodgment of MWS for achieving safety assurance in marine operation; implementation offshore installation and floating structure classification (floating buoy, SPM, FPSO, FSO, etc.); conduct activities related to classification of offshore installation relevant to oil/ gas projects; providing pre-purchasing engineering in offshore projects; and Providing marine advisory to major over hauling of offshore installations .