Iranian Classification Society Rules

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Section 1 General

101. General

1. Other requirements for machinery installations not specified in this part are, in principle, to be in accordance with relevant requirements in the Rules for Classification of Steel Ships, other equiv- alent rules, or standards deemed appropriate by this Society.

2. Machinery is to be designed, constructed and installed so as to minimize any danger to the safety of yachts and people in working conditions.

3. Rotating parts, moving parts, high temperature parts or electrically charged parts of machinery are to suitably protect from injury those who watch, operate or approach the equipment. to avoid injury.

4. Machinery is to be constructed so it does not produce gases which will be harmful to operators or have fire risk. It is to be installed in well ventilated place.

5. Machinery is to be constructed and arranged in ways that make it easy to repair and inspect.

102. Equivalency


In case of machinery installations that are not appropriate to the requirements of this part, they may be accepted, if the Society considers them appropriate as equivalent.