Iranian Classification Society Rules

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Section 6 Lubricating Oil System

601. Lubricating oil filters

Where a forced lubricating system (including gravity supply from head tank) is adopted for lu- brication of engines, efficient lubrication oil filters are to be provided. The filters used for the lu- bricating oil systems of the main engine, power transmission of propeller shafting and controllable pitch propeller system are to be capable of being cleaned without stopping the supply of filtered lubricating oil.

602. Lubricating oil pumps

Where engines attached with their own fuel oil pumps comply with the following, the stand-by lu- bricating oil pumps may be omitted.

(1) Engines which do not require lubrication before starting, according to their properties

(2) Where two or more main engines operating respectively are provided, and where it is possible to give a navigable speed, even if one of the engines is out of order