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Guidance for

Floating Liquefied Gas Units



GC-13-EAPPLICATION OF1. Unless expressly specified otherwise, the requirements in the Guidance apply to Floating Liquefied Gas Units for which contracts for construction are signed on or after 1 July 2015.CONTENTSCHAPTER 1 GENERALSection 1 GeneralSection 2 DefinitionsCHAPTER 2 CLASSIFICATION AND SURVEYSSection 1 GeneralSection 3 SurveysCHAPTER 3 DESIGN CONDITIONSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Design PrinciplesSection 3 Corrosion Control Means and Corrosion MarginsSection 4 Design LoadsCHAPTER 4 MATERIALS AND WELDINGSection 1 GeneralCHAPTER 5 HULL CONSTRUCTION AND EQUIPMENTSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Survival Capability and Location of Cargo TanksSection 3 Longitudinal StrengthSection 4 Structural Design and Analysis of the HullSection 5 Design and Analysis of Other Major Hull Structural FeaturesSection 6 Direct Strength AssessmentSection 7 Fatigue Strength AssessmentSection 8 Hull ArrangementsSection 9 Cargo ContainmentSection 10 Hull EquipmentCHAPTER 6 POSITIONING SYSTEMSCHAPTER 7 HAZARDOUS AREASection 1 GeneralSection 2 VentilationCHAPTER 8 FIRE PROTECTION, MEANS OF ESCAPE AND FIRE EXTINCTIONSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Prevention of Fire and ExplosionSection 3 SUPPRESSION OF FIRESection 4 Means of EscapeCHAPTER 9 MACHINERY INSTALLATIONSSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Piping Systems for Cargo TanksSection 3 Use of Natural Gas as FuelCHAPTER 10 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEMSSection 1 Electrical EquipmentSection 2 Control SystemsCHAPTER 11 PERSONNEL PROTECTIONCHAPTER 12 REGASIFICATION SYSTEMSSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Design of Regasification Systems3. Systems that contain significant energy are to be depressurised during an emergency situation.5. During an dimensioning accidental event, the integrity and functionality of depressurising piping and valves is to be maintained for the required period of time in order to ensure that success- ful depressurization can be performed.3. In case of relief to cargo tanks, the effect of routing high pressure LNG/NG to the cargo tank is to be documented.Section 3 Regasification System EquipmentCHAPTER 13 PROCESS SYSTEMSSection 1 General(1) The following plans and documents are to be submitted for the approval of the Society at classification survey during construction before the work is commenced.Section 2 Design of Process SystemsSection 3 Process System EquipmentSection 4 Process Support SystemsCHAPTER 14 LOADING AND OFFLOADING SYSTEMSSection 1 GeneralSection 2 Design of Loading and Offloading SystemsCHAPTER 15 IMPORT AND EXPORT SYSTEMSection 1 GeneralGUIDANCE FOR FLOATING LIQUEFIED GAS UNITS