Iranian Classification Society Rules

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2015Rules and Guidance for the Classification ofRB-13-EOffshoreSection 1 GeneralSection 2 DefinitionsCHAPTER 2 CLASSIFICATION AND SURVEYSCHAPTER 3 CONSTRUCTION, STRENGTH AND MATERIALSCHAPTER 4 SUBDIVISION, STABILITY AND FREEBOARDCHAPTER 5 MACHINERY INSTALLATIONS OF ALL TYPES OF UNITSCHAPTER 6 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS FOR ALL TYPES OF UNITSCHAPTER 7 MACHINERY AND ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS IN HAZARDOUS AREASCHAPTER 8 MACHINERY AND ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS FOR SELF-PROPELLED UNITSCHAPTER 9 PERIODICALLY UNATTENDED MACHINERY SPACES FOR ALL TYPES OF UNITSCHAPTER 10 FIRE PROTECTION, MEANS OF ESCAPE AND FIRE EXTINCTIONCHAPTER 11 LIFTING DEVICES, PERSONNEL AND PILOT TRANSFERCHAPTER 12 HELICOPTER FACILITIES2015GB-13-E1. Unless expressly specified otherwise, the requirements in the Guidance apply to Mobile Drilling Units for which contracts for construction are signed on or after 1 July 2015.OffshoreSection 1 GeneralCHAPTER 2 CLASSIFICATION AND SURVEYSSection 3 SurveysCHAPTER 1 GENERALSECTION 1 GeneralSECTION 2 DefinitionsCHAPTER 2 CLASSIFICATION AND SURVEYSSECTION 1 GeneralSECTION 2 Classification204. Classification Survey after ConstructionSECTION 3 SurveySECTION 1 MaterialsSECTION 2 Welding and Nondestructive ExaminationCHAPTER 4 DRILLING SYSTEMSSECTION 1 GeneralSECTION 2 Well Control SystemSECTION 3 Marine Drilling Riser SystemSECTION 4 Drill String Compensation SystemSECTION 5 Bulk Storage, Circulation and Transfer SystemsSECTION 6 Hoisting, Lifting, Rotating and Pipe Handling SystemsSECTION 7 Well Test SystemSECTION 8 Pressure-Retaining EquipmentSECTION 9 Prime MoverSECTION 10 Skid Mounted EquipmentCHAPTER 5 PIPING SYSTEMSSECTION 1 GeneralSECTION 2 Design CriteriaSECTION 3 Materials, Welding and Nondestructive ExaminationCHAPTER 6 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEMSECTION 1 Electrical EquipmentSECTION 2 Control SystemsRULES AND GUIDANCE FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF