Iranian Classification Society Rules

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Section 3 Manufacturing and Inspection

301. Construction

1. Welding of structures, machinery installation and equipment is to be carried out by approved weld-


ers, with approved welding consumables.

2. The welding ambient temperature is higher than -5

302. Inspection

1. The welding is to be examined by X-ray or by other approved methods in positions indicated by the surveyor.

2. All weld crossings in the bottom and deck plating, within 0.4 amidships, are to be examined.

303. Testing

1. All pipe connections to tanks are to be fitted before testing. Protective coating is normally not to be carried out before the tank test.

2. All watertight/weathertight doors and hatches are to be function tested.

3. Hydrostatic and watertight tests are to be in accordance with Pt 3, Ch 1, 209. of Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships.