This directorate provides services, consist of statutory and classification surveys in marine field, for ICS customers by utilizing Professional surveyors,According to authorization of flag states, ICS can issue the statutory certificates based on owner request This directorate consists of following operational departments:

Existing Vessel Department
New Construction Department

Plan Approval and Technical Support Directorate

In order to providing technical support for all ICS services in various departments, plan approval and technical support directorate is formed comprising of four departments by utilizing academic and industrial experts.

Latest legislation news
Statutory Publications
Convention and Legislation Department

Industrial, Off/On shore Directorate

According to industry needs and strict Premium presence of ICS in the standardization field of industry, offshore installation and operation, port facilities, Industrial survey directorate provides the following services to ICS customers to promoting safety, quality and environmental level

Material & Equipment
Marine Inspection & Port Facilities

Important Services

In today's world, the use of technology is essential in providing any kind of service. Iranian Classification Society, as a leading Iranian classification Society in the use of technology, has been able to provide its services to customers and related institutions, technology-based and using new tools, by utilizing the knowledge of information technology. Increasing the level of security of customers' information and certificates of the institute by using Quick Resonse Codes system and instant transfer and authentication of relevant information using mobile phones is an example of these measures. Currently, the institute in the field of Cyber ​​Security is implementing the relevant standards and establishing the ISO 27000 series system. This type of services and other consulting services in the field of using information technology can also be provided to the esteemed customers of the institute. Other software and proprietary systems of the institute have been designed and are providing services in order to increase the speed in providing services, information security, network and facilitating customer affairs.

Certificate Validation
Products and Companies Approved List


Providing classification and technical and engineering consulting services based on knowledge guarantees the fulfillment of the institute's slogan in order to promote customers beyond compliance and obtaining this license will be the beginning of a valuable way in providing services to the maritime and industrial community in fulfilling the slogan of resistance economy. Today, certified, certified businesses, products, materials and processes are key to economic success. Iranian Classification Society is your trusted partner for certification and technical advice, which can be a great and definite opportunity for your business. Also, due to the universal duty of environmental protection, based on national and international environmental laws and regulations, and in order to improve the supervision and inspection of operations and processes prone to environmental pollution, the Iranian Classification Institute has formed an environmental working group. Relying on cooperation with responsible institutions, especially the Environmental Protection Organization, and providing inspection, evaluation and auditing, educational and research services, Zist has also done so.

Standardization plan
Free Zones

Knowledge Base

This Society is a knowledge-based, non-governmental and non-profit organization that promotes safety, security, quality and technology in various scientific, educational, technical, production, industrial and service fields in various industries and related sectors at the national level and Internationally active. In general, this institute is responsible for designing, drafting and implementing laws and regulations, conducting classification, technical, legal safety inspections, conducting audits, providing consulting, engineering and training related to the design, construction and operation of ships and offshore facilities and other products. Provides marine and industrial services and equipment. Also, in order to increase science, economic development based on knowledge and achieve scientific and economic goals in one direction (expansion of invention and innovation) and finally commercialize the results of research and development of services in the field of superior technologies and high added value to Specializes in the production of related software.

Iranian Knowledge Classification Society
Evaluation of knowledge based companies
Brokerage Supervision Fund Innovation and Prosperity

Useful Information

Since the beginning of 1394, due to the expression of interest of marine and port industry activists in knowledge-based activities, the working group for evaluating and recognizing the qualifications of knowledge-based companies and societies in the Vice President for Science and Technology, evaluating and approving the qualification of Iranians The title of Company and Product Evaluation Agent provided the groundwork for the development of knowledge-based activities in the field of marine industries and related equipment. Iranian Classification Society has formed a working group to evaluate knowledge-based companies and also a committee to monitor projects referred to the Innovation and Prosperity Fund (as the fund's monitoring body) under the supervision of the Vice President for Science and Technology, adhering to the laws and regulations in this The constituency, as its deputy broker, evaluates companies as well as oversees the payment of facilities to knowledge-based projects.

Linked Sites
History of ICS


The successful experiences of the Iranian Classification Society in transferring knowledge and improving the skills of learners during training courses show the effectiveness of the institute's educational system. In other words, this institute aims to improve the knowledge of inspectors, experts and managers of the institute and all users and individuals. Also, the exchange of technical knowledge and successful experiences in the industrial society of the country has been created and developed. The training courses of the institute can be held in the form of different training courses according to the specialized needs and demands of the customers.

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About us

Iranian Classification Society at a glance
Iranian Classification Society is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which has been working to promote safety, security, and quality and technology level in various scientific, educational, technical and manufacturing fields in related national and international industries. overall, ICS focuses on design, development and implementation of rules and regulations; classification, statutory and marine surveys; audit; providing engineering consultancy; training services related to design, construction and operation of ships, offshore installation and other marine industrial services

Some services of ICS are as follows:

  • Audit; issuance of certificates related to quality management, safety, security, environmental, health fields in various marine, industrial, commercial sectors
  • Classification, statutory and marine surveys of ships and offshore installations and other marine industrial services
  • Providing consultancy, arbitration , making judgement on claims
  • Holding different training course, transferring up-to-date knowledge and technologies related to ICS activities to our country
  • Conducting and supporting research and innovation to develop safety and quality level in design and implementation of related rules and regulations for classification
  • Co-operation with administrative and scientific in stitutions related to ICS activities
  • Promoting various industries by utilizing advanced technologies and standards.