Evaluation of Knowledg Based Companies

Rules, Supportive regulation and benefits of Knowledge-Based Organizations

Starting early 1394 (2014-2015), noting the interest expressed by Marine industry and offshore organizations toward knowledge-based organizational concept, the committee for evaluation and authentication of clients and businesses as knowledge-based organization, adjunct to the presidential secretary of science and technology , recognizing Iranian Classification Society as the main functionary for evaluation and assessment of companies and products, created the basic infrastructure for knowledge-based activity in the maritime industries and associated businesses. By forming the taskforce for evaluation of knowledge-based organizations and also the oversight committee for referred proposals from the innovation and prosperity trust (as the supervising entity), Iranian classification society, acting under presidential secretary of science and technology and adhering to existing rules and statutes and as the executive of the said secretary, proceeds to evaluate organizations and also supervise the funding process for knowledge-based proposals. In addition, the Innovation and Technology trust fund adhering to article 5 of the related law, acting as the special financial support entity for knowledge-based organizations is established and advocates innovation in all industries. This trust fund, which has chosen Iranian Classification Society as its monitoring organ, offers the general supports for knowledge-based companies.